Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ahyan vs Oliver Wu, 2nd Round of California Scholastic State Championship 2016

Today Ahyan defeated his star friend Oliver Wu, rated 1851, in the second round of California Scholastic State Championship 2016 held at Santa Clara Convention Center. This is Ahyan's highest rated opponent against whom he won in a serious tournament game. Ahyan is almost 650 rating points below Oliver and hence its a significant win for him. His previous highest rated opponent against he won was Adrian Kondakov, rated 1500+, whom Ahyan defeated in the final round to become US Junior Congress Champion in 2014. He has 2 out of 3 games now and there are 3 more games to be held tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

When was Universe created - acording to Ahyan

Conversation in a lazy Saturday evening at home -

Shusmita to me: Tell Ahyan something about what you are reading recently.
Me: I am reading about the creation of everything. So let's start with the creation of universe. Ahyan, can you tell me when the universe was created?
Ahyan: 1st January!!!