Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ahyan Got Featured in Millenium Chess Open Newsletter

Ahyan Zaman and Shafieen Ibrahim featured in this week's Millionaire Chess Open newsletter (#7) as young participants! Ahyan is the youngest by far to register while Shafieen was the first teenager to register for this upcoming high stake chess tournament.

Here is an excerpt from the post in website.

ahyan zaman playing chess 

Ahyan, only 7 years old, started playing chess about a year and a half ago and has a great passion for the game. His father, Ashik, signed him up for the Millionaire Chess Open to gain the valuable experience of what it feels like to be part of a major tournament, and to learn how to conduct himself under those particular playing conditions.

Being a chess player himself, Ashik felt that such a big tournament can truly inspire everyone to work hard, enjoy chess, and improve one’s game.

We love their enthusiasm, as Ashik shared with us,
"We father and son are already looking forward to be bounty hunters in our respective sections!"
Ahyan’s mother and 3-year-old sister will be joining him and his father in Las Vegas, making it a vacation for the whole family. We’re sure they’ll have plenty to keep them busy as they explore the LINQ Project and watch their two favorite guys compete for the top prizes at the Millionaire Chess Open!

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