Thursday, April 10, 2014

The beginning of a chess player

Hello chess friends,

This is Ahyan. My rating is 1015.You might know my dad, Ashik, his blog is His rating went up high lately to 2148.I really want a plycounter on my birthday.If anyone can buy it, at least that would be great.I just played the Thursday night marathon at Shore view chess. I won my second game against Aditya and his rating is 491 but his skill is around 1000. This is it for today. Bye and see you tommorow! Good luck for everyone at chess!

Hi sorry I didn't get time because I had my Friday night marathon at Norcal House of chess witch I'll get to later and I went to someone's house.Well let's start with the news so I tied with Samic in the Friday night marathon we got 4.0,but I was lower rated then him his rating is 1200,it was funny that I thought we would get money but we didn't ha ha ha ha.Well that is it for today.Bye!

Hello chess friends,

Tomorow is  going to be my moms birthday so we bought her a present and it is a surprise so I will not put on my blog because she will see will be fun and my uncles dad came so we are going to their house it will be fun very fun.Today I played the calchess super state.That is it for today.Bye

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